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California, USA 


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To order your custom board, scroll through the options below (steps 1-9), make your choices, then simply hit “Submit”. Easy! Don’t worry, you will not be charged at this point. I will review your order and then send you an email confirming the details. If at that point you are ready to move forward, I’ll request a small down payment and then I’ll get in the shop and start building your board!

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                                          Each HannahB. Board is handmade, every detail is carefully considered and thoughtfully done. Since your board is not machine-made, but rather artist-made you can expect some variation. For example, each color is mixed by eye and slight color variation will occur. The same is true for the hand drawn artwork. Also, some of the creative choices are made on a per-board-basis, using YOUR custom choices as a guide. For example, the location of color (on the nose or middle of the board, etc.) and the color style (stripes, color block, etc.) will be determined on the fly, based on the board size, shape, and YOUR custom choices. If you have specific requests, please feel free to add them in the “additional requests” box of your custom board submission. Otherwise, I’m happy to make the creative decisions with your choices in mind.

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